The Death of the Cross Bench Begins. A Crystal Ball is NOT Required !

By Kevin Sargeant | Posted 17 May 2019 (the morning of the 2019 Federal Election)

It’s the afternoon of the 2019 Federal Election. I’ve decided to post this, my first article, just to make a point. Perhaps, after the carnage becomes evident, some people might take the vulnerabilities of our voting system more seriously. No-one will read this till after the event, but perhaps, if I can say, “Told you so!”, some might walk the difficult but necessary journey before us.

Regardless of who wins government, or the form it takes (minority, majority etc), this one thing WILL happen. We will see few if any cross-bench monitory winners. Not because the Australian electorate desired it, but because of Senate voting changes enacted in 2016 by Malcolm Turnbull (The Greens’ first Prime Minister). 

The Senate results that emerge in early June 2019 will show just how bad the vandalism of constitution and democracy has been.  

What Will Happen?

This Senate-shaping legislation had little impact in the 2016 double-dissolution election. Every seat was up for grabs, so Senate candidates needed just 7.1% of the vote to win a seat. This time it is different.

This 2019 election is our first half-Senate election. With half as many seats available, the required percentage (or what is termed a ‘quota’) doubles to 14.2%. As a result, the legislation’s effects will become partially evident. When we have our next Federal election (circa 2022) we’ll see its full effect.

Thanks to the 2016 electoral changes, there is no longer a legitimate preferential voting system in place. To explain the ‘why’ of the problem is a bit too complex for today. For now, I’m just going to leave it at the ‘what’ of the problem:

  • Minority parties now have less than a Buckley’s chance of winning.
  • The public is being deceived. They believe a process is taking place that is not.
  • Political parties – especially The Greens – are illegitimately increasing their power.

This election we will witness the political execution of half the independents and micro-parties . Those who remain will see their demise in the next election.

Why Should You Care?

There’s more than one reason – though justice, truth, legitimacy in government come immediately to mind. For now though, just one will do:

The Greens, as the third dominant party will almost certainly be established as the ruling force in the Senate.

Moving away from the numbers and venturing into opinion for a moment, this fact alone should end a shiver down the spine of any caring and intelligent Australian. The Greens are perhaps the most deceptively destructive political force our nation has seen for many decades.

Their power will be enormous. Their long envisaged carnage on decent people and principles will be effectively unchecked. It’s hard to imagine anything else was the intention of Malcolm and his complicit vandals in 2016.

It’s also hard to imagine anything else happening.

Why the 2016 Electoral Changes Were an Act of Democratic Vandalism

In brief, the 2016 Act neutered a legitimate, though highly misunderstood, process of Preferential voting. It was the means by which more than three million Australians were able to vote for politicians who hadn’t sold their soul to Coalition, Labor or Greens ideology.

It’d arguable that millions more would have used it if they actually understood how the preferential voting process worked.

That process was a safeguard of democracy and a counter-balance to unchecked political party power.

That process is now (effectively) gone!

Today’s 2019 Federal Election

Today, 99.9% of voters will do as asked.

  1. They will trust the instructions provided, mark 1 to 6 above the line and place their ballot into the box.
  2. As early seats are awarded, their intentions will be recognised.
  3. On the seventh round however, their voice will fall silent, because as instructed, they have only indicated six preferences.
  4. Seats will then be allocated in a swift and illegitimate fashion, rather than following the rigorous process of elimination that would have taken place before.

By design, almost all voters will have their voices silenced when their vote (technically speaking) ‘exhausts’ at round 7. 

To state this more accurately and blatantly, they will legally (but immorally) steal more Senate representation than they deserve or the electorate desired. 

I’ll explain it more thoroughly at a later date, but basically, in our current climate, the Coalition, Labor and The Greens (as third most-established contenders) are likely to pick up one, two or even three more seats than they would otherwise have won.

What’s Next?

Perhaps, if the result is tragic enough, an awakening and groundswell for change might occur. Some might even take up an aspect of this very significant challenge.

For now, perhaps one more voice saying, “Told you so!” might result in others taking all this more seriously.

We have many democratic problems of course. Turnbull’s 2016 Senate vandalism is just one of the latest problems. Here are some other challenges:

  • Greed, naivety and electoral ignorance drive our voting patterns.
  • Voting security and integrity flaws continue to be ignored.
  • Biased media sources continue to deceptively influence election outcomes.
  • Australians continue to get their news from one (or few sources) with a distinct preference for those that tell them what they want to hear.
  • Parties continue to buy votes by saddling our children, grandchildren and beyond.
  • Most people vote for parties without understanding party platforms, policies or practices.
  • Genuine statesmen and stateswomen are replaced every election by career politicians, party hacks and blind ideologues .
  • Church leaders remain silent on political issues and are seemingly far more interested in pleasing man than pleasing God.
  • Millions of individuals who call themselves Christians, vote in ways that are in complete defiance to Biblical morality or wisdom. Most feel little or no internal conflict when doing so.

I could go on.

Democracy is very likely the best form of government available, but it is still administered and exploited by human beings. As a result, elections provide us with a snapshot of the weakness and vulnerability that comes with being human. For those who are spiritually aware, elections also provide a rare opportunity to find out what our gods really are.

Elections shine a light on much more than our combined political preference. Elections shine a light on each of us. What we do with that awareness determines what happens next time around.