Does anyone fear God?

Do They Have Any Fear of God?

Assessing Parties, Policies and Their Practice

What is a genuine Christian voter meant to do? God is not a small-L liberal or a capital-L Liberal, he’s not pro-Greens or pro-Labor. He’s not a member of the Christian Democrats or Australian Christians. God says, “Follow me!”

Do they have any fear of God?

But what does that mean in an election laden  with serious and competing issues? If I’m his and represent him, how should I vote?

Let’s face facts: Bible literacy is low, Christians are silenced from speaking, media reporting is an inch deep, a mile wide and unapologetically biased, a tsunami of information abounds, yet truth seems so very hard to find. 

These resources and organisations look at the issues through Christian lenses and can help us make an informed decision. 

These resources aren’t perfect. But if something stirs a doubt, don’t let it blind you to what’s happening overall. These resources are an aerial-shot of our cultural battlefield. 

The Christian Values Checklist

The Checklist rates eight of the leading parties using their policies and voting records, not election rhetoric and marketing. There will always be disputes about what is and is not a Christian value, but we’d be foolish to ignore the aggressive anti-Christ stance taken by some.

The Key Issues Comparison

This resource compares the Liberal and Labor Parties using issues rarely addressed by the mainstream media. This is a resource thoughtful Christians will appreciate. At their website you can also access information on these and other issues, as well as register to stay informed. This resource helps you compare the government contenders.

The Australian Christian Lobby

ACL publishes cutting edge articles, supports Christians who fall foul of attacks on Christian freedom and also provide ways for you to get involved in the election in simple yet effective ways. A visit and registration is strongly recommended.


  1. If a small party is your thing, your vote isn’t wasted. If they don’t win, preferences continue and your first vote is recorded. It’s how you let your first love be known.
  2. These three organisations provide Prayer Guides and access to further resources.