I like to call things exactly what they are and I am horrified by the delusion and seductions I see at work in our nation.

There’s lot’s of problems, but personally speaking, I am particularly alarmed by:

  • The understandable but tragic error of parents who won’t deal with their own wounds and so hand them on to their children,
  • The increasing arsenal of legal, political, technical and ideological weaponry coming against our freedoms.
  • The comfort, apathy, hypocrisy and/or fear that immobilises so many,
  • Our failure to honestly confront the vulnerabilities of human nature,
  • The indoctrination and dumbing-down of our young people, and
  • The state-sanctioned psycho-sexual abuse of our children.

After years of encouragement from friends and colleagues, I’ve decided to take some important observations and resources online (even as I continue to refine them). I don’t claim special status, but I am willing to take what I have in skills and knowledge and put them to use.

We need to do better – for ourselves and those we love. Therefore:

I will create helpful resources, even if it hurts.
I will likely be politically and culturally incorrect. 
I will stay logical, rational and reasonable.
I will identify reference and explain.
I will focus on what is important.
I will focus on being helpful.
I will be vulnerable.
I will be humble.
I will also stay devoted to truth.