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Testimonies gathered
Research conducted
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Content + Copy

Content tells. Copy sells!
Both are required.

Quality content will establish and build trust, encourage client-relationship, and improve your website’s Google-authority. 

Arguably, content is the most significant factor in both search engine performance and client interaction. Thankfully, it is also a dynamic that is under your control. 

Content is still king, but you choose the king

Quality copy encourages site-users to make a desired response. We call this a conversion. It could be a sale, registration, phone call, contact request, download or more. 

With ever-increasing conversions, your site goes from success to success. Without them, your website fails.

Opportunity comes to those who prepare. Relevant content and persuasive copy is a quality preparation. 

Priority Partners

When we partner in your ongoing success, you access significant benefits.

Priority Partners can access:

  • A measure of service exclusivity (I don't look after your competitors).
  • Profiling of your business, desires and preferences (for ever-increasing quality).
  • Keyword targeting of every article.
  • Monthly content, competitor, and keyword trend reporting.
  • Your industry and competitors proactively monitored.
  • Extended research.
  • Comprehensive reporting.
  • Proofing services.
  • Transcription services.
  • Image services.
  • Delivery options that include ready-to-paste HTML options, advanced article formatting, image selection and optimising, and even embedding with metadata and on-page SEO.


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